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SALLY LARSEN: (1954, San Francisco CA) A Native American with Apache/Aleut roots, Sally Larsen lives and works in the city of her birth. Coming of age in San Francisco as psychedelia blossomed in the late 1960s, she found her way to Golden Gate Park where she intuitively sought the society of artists and musicians. Self educated as an artist and as a cultural historian, since the 1980s she has exhibited her photographs, paintings, and video-fresco installations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle, and Chicago. While drawn to cameras and computing, her vision is painterly and expressive. Music remains her Muse. Her streaming digital video-frescos combine her photography and her recent paintings with her musical compositions. She has been published in monographs and surveys. An accomplished martial artist and an avid surfer, her philosophy reflects the layered cultural aesthetic of the Pacific Rim.

Sally Larsen surfing Kauai, photo by Jeff Walba

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Vatican Museum Double Spiral Stairway. Photograph and orotone by Sally Larsen
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